September 03, 2013

Let's stay cozy!!

Winter to me is so charming and enchanted...especially as it gives us the opportunity of freeing our creativity with wool...and creating items to stay cozy!! I am still not quite sure why I keep on saying that Christmas will be here soon...I know it's only September...but I guess it's because I love winter...and probably being the case that this year we had a big summer in London, I believe my mind has decided to go in a winter mood and start thinking of wool projects!!

Therefore, today I thought I would share with you this blanket that I made for my gorgeous niece....I wanted her to be pretty cozy in the winter...I was looking for something simple and nice....and I decided to go for this pattern by Julie Barber  :)))...I find it lovely!!

However, being a girl, I couldn't make it in I decided to go for a very light yellow...and just a very tiny brown border...following the mum's taste ...and stopping before the last round of the pattern...

I believed I did my job here....she looked so cozy in it!!!

I can't wait to be under a blanket myself soon!!!

Wishing you a lovely evening and hoping you enjoy my blog!

With love

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