September 20, 2013

Yarns everywhere!?!?!?!?'s the beautiful present my husband got me!!!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my birthday, so I feel like I can make an exception...and I decided for once not to post about a crochet project...but about this gorgeous old wicker basket that my husband got me as a present for my birthday!!

I was over excited yesterday!!

It's been a year that I have started dedicating myself to crocheting, so I still didn't have everything tidy and all well organized. I rather had lots and lots of bags with different yarns, hooks everywhere....a little mess to be honest :p

I had always thought of getting myself a basket, or maybe crocheting one myself to put my stuff all together....but i never had....might be 'cause I'm a little lazy or with too many thoughts running in my head?

But now I have it!!! And I love it!!!

Thank you to my love!!

I will soon share my latest crochet project with you!

Happy weekend everyone!

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