September 24, 2013

Baby booties “converse style”… on their way to Brazil!!

Happy evening everyone!

I am so excited in these days!!!! My Brazilian friend Marcelo and his wife Luisa just had a baby!!!! Welcome to the world Joaquim!!!

Given that  for the moment I still can’t make it to Brazil to hold him and give him a proper welcoming, I thought I could at least send him a little present…and so I did!!

I’ve prepared these baby converse following HandMadeByNatalija's pattern….all crocheted in cotton, worked with two yarns at the same time, in order to give them a thicker and more stable look!!

I had actually seen several patterns of converse on-line…and it’s been quite difficult to choose…but I personally really enjoyed realizing Natalija’s pattern!

They’ll be hopefully on a plane to Brazil soon…. Can’t wait to see them on Joaquim in a few months… 

Hope you like them and share with me your comments!

Good night!