February 26, 2014

Cacti Amigurumi....for some good luck!

Finally back!!! I can't believe my last post was so long ago....but here I am sharing with you my latest project!

I've started working on cacti amigurumi... I've first ordered online some mini terracotta pots and then started working on the crochet part with a 3mm hook, two different green yarns and a few bright color leftovers for flowers or pom-pom for a final decorating touch.

I've made three so far, and I was surprised by how little time it actually takes to make them and you can decorate them the way you prefer!!!

My original plan was to make ten different cacti, and give them as presents to my closest girlfriends.... and then I heard a story that convinced me even more that that was a good idea!!!

I was at dinner with friends, sharing with them the first cactus I had made and my plan to give them as gifts, when my friend told me that according to some popular traditions, cacti are believed to bring good luck and can be considered as amulets as they keep enemies away and protect you!!

I didn't need a better excuse!!! This is gonna be the perfect gift for my girls!! I just need to work on it and make a few more ;)

Hope you like them!!

Wishing you a lovely day!