March 16, 2014

Bike Crochet - Saddle & Bell Covers!

Last Christmas my hubby and I got bikes from Santa...and I couldn't be more in love with my bike!!

"She" is a Pashley...really gorgeous and so pleasant to ride!!!

Unfortunately, not even a week since I had it, my bike saddle got stolen... and you can imagine how pleasant the ride back home with no saddle must have been... 10pm in the evening and about 20mins ride away from home :(

In order to avoid having to ride back in the evening with no saddle again, I decided to replace it with a pretty cheap and ugly one, so that nobody would bother thinking about stealing it again...and I think I was quite successful in the picking!

Pretty good idea....but when I was looking at my Pashley I was feeling really sad that "she" wasn't as pretty as before... so I needed something to make her cute again but easy to take off when I was leaving Pashley alone outside!

Guess what? Crochet of course!!!

And I thought that this time I had to make my own pattern, in order to fit nicely with my bike saddle size!!

It took me a while but I can say that I am finally satisfied with the outcome!! What do you think?

And while I was woking on it I thought...well why just crocheting the saddle....

.....if I can make a matching set with the bell cover as well?


I also thought I should share my first attempt though... as the grey version is the second set I made... I had made my first attempt with some green and pink yarn leftovers test and see if I was able to create a pattern....


I am really looking forward to hear your feedback, comments or suggestions!!

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!!


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