September 30, 2013

A Teddy for baby Gio'

A few weeks ago I found myself looking into boxes and drawers as I had to get all my things away for my old flat to be rented out ... it was quite nostalgic and happy at the same time as I found letters, love ones, those with funny jokes, quotes and drawings and them.....I came face to face with teddy...ohhhhh, my lovely friend since I was born!! One of those trips back in time... I hugged him and I started thinking... lovely niece still doesn't have her teddy!!!...Ohhhhh....Well, it must be time to put myself at work!!

My sister had given me as a present an Amigurumi course
from Craftsy (Amigurumi-Woodland-Animals)... and I did remember that it included a bear. Therefore, changing just a few things.. I made her this teddy bear!!!!

My niece seemed quite impressed when I gave it to her...hopefully positively..but we still don't know as she's too young to speak....good news she didn't cry at the sight of it

I believe the strong color of the scarf was attracting most of her attention...and then obviously the ears... I hope I've made them strong enough as that's where teddy is carried around from ...ihihhi

Hope you like it!


September 24, 2013

Baby booties “converse style”… on their way to Brazil!!

Happy evening everyone!

I am so excited in these days!!!! My Brazilian friend Marcelo and his wife Luisa just had a baby!!!! Welcome to the world Joaquim!!!

Given that  for the moment I still can’t make it to Brazil to hold him and give him a proper welcoming, I thought I could at least send him a little present…and so I did!!

I’ve prepared these baby converse following HandMadeByNatalija's pattern….all crocheted in cotton, worked with two yarns at the same time, in order to give them a thicker and more stable look!!

I had actually seen several patterns of converse on-line…and it’s been quite difficult to choose…but I personally really enjoyed realizing Natalija’s pattern!

They’ll be hopefully on a plane to Brazil soon…. Can’t wait to see them on Joaquim in a few months… 

Hope you like them and share with me your comments!

Good night!

September 20, 2013

Yarns everywhere!?!?!?!?'s the beautiful present my husband got me!!!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my birthday, so I feel like I can make an exception...and I decided for once not to post about a crochet project...but about this gorgeous old wicker basket that my husband got me as a present for my birthday!!

I was over excited yesterday!!

It's been a year that I have started dedicating myself to crocheting, so I still didn't have everything tidy and all well organized. I rather had lots and lots of bags with different yarns, hooks everywhere....a little mess to be honest :p

I had always thought of getting myself a basket, or maybe crocheting one myself to put my stuff all together....but i never had....might be 'cause I'm a little lazy or with too many thoughts running in my head?

But now I have it!!! And I love it!!!

Thank you to my love!!

I will soon share my latest crochet project with you!

Happy weekend everyone!

September 14, 2013

Daisy espadrillas

When I saw this mini-espadrillas pattern from the YarnBlossomBoutique , I found it simply adorable and I thought I absolutely HAD to buy it!!!

As soon as I downloaded the pattern, I put myself at work with hook and cotton  yarns and started my next project for my niece once again!!

I thought I wanted to add something to them...and I found these little daisy buttons at John Lewis shop in London and decided to sew them on both sides...what do you think?

Yes, summer is almost over...but luckily enough my gorgeous niece lives in she'll be hopefully able to wear them for maybe another month or so?...mmm...well, assuming that she keeps them on for more than a few she doesn't seem to love wearing booties at the moment!

Here they are!!

Hope they add a smile to your day!


September 10, 2013

Flower ballerina baby booties

Hello everyone!!

Been away for a few days and couldn't write on the blog...and I was missing it..I guess I am starting to get addicted to it..I've just started it a month ago..but I think I am loving the opportunity of sharing my projects!!!!

So, here I am, back from a very romantic long weekend in Prague..ready to share a new crochet project with you!!!

My mum has recently brought me a big bag with many bits of different yarns she has used in the past for knitting pullover and so on..and thought I would have enjoyed the variety of colors..she was definitely right!!! :)))

Looking into the bag I found a soft yellow yarn..and my mind started working... It's been the first time I didn't completely follow a pattern and let my mind play a bit around it!!

I started from the pattern I had used for my first baby booties..and edited it a bit to come up with these flower ballerina baby booties!!!!


I really hope you like them!!

Wishing you all a Happy Day!


September 03, 2013

Let's stay cozy!!

Winter to me is so charming and enchanted...especially as it gives us the opportunity of freeing our creativity with wool...and creating items to stay cozy!! I am still not quite sure why I keep on saying that Christmas will be here soon...I know it's only September...but I guess it's because I love winter...and probably being the case that this year we had a big summer in London, I believe my mind has decided to go in a winter mood and start thinking of wool projects!!

Therefore, today I thought I would share with you this blanket that I made for my gorgeous niece....I wanted her to be pretty cozy in the winter...I was looking for something simple and nice....and I decided to go for this pattern by Julie Barber  :)))...I find it lovely!!

However, being a girl, I couldn't make it in I decided to go for a very light yellow...and just a very tiny brown border...following the mum's taste ...and stopping before the last round of the pattern...

I believed I did my job here....she looked so cozy in it!!!

I can't wait to be under a blanket myself soon!!!

Wishing you a lovely evening and hoping you enjoy my blog!

With love