September 10, 2013

Flower ballerina baby booties

Hello everyone!!

Been away for a few days and couldn't write on the blog...and I was missing it..I guess I am starting to get addicted to it..I've just started it a month ago..but I think I am loving the opportunity of sharing my projects!!!!

So, here I am, back from a very romantic long weekend in Prague..ready to share a new crochet project with you!!!

My mum has recently brought me a big bag with many bits of different yarns she has used in the past for knitting pullover and so on..and thought I would have enjoyed the variety of colors..she was definitely right!!! :)))

Looking into the bag I found a soft yellow yarn..and my mind started working... It's been the first time I didn't completely follow a pattern and let my mind play a bit around it!!

I started from the pattern I had used for my first baby booties..and edited it a bit to come up with these flower ballerina baby booties!!!!


I really hope you like them!!

Wishing you all a Happy Day!


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