July 06, 2014

Cupcake Doorstop…a sweet way to decorate your house!

Couldn't think of a cuter way to keep your doors opened….especially in the summer!

I hadn't thought of making crochet doorstop until I got delivered issue 54 of Inside Crochet. The pattern is from Emma Varnam and I found it joyful and easy to realize. Then I added a few sparkle on top as this how I would typically bake my cupcakes ;)

I found the whole idea of crochet doorstop pretty cool…and I feel like I am going to let my creativity go crazy on my next one and develop my own pattern! I will keep you posted on this and share the pattern with you, would you be interested!

Maybe I've inspired you to make crochet doorstop as well…if so, please share your pictures with me as I'd be really keen to see your finished projects!

Hope you like my new colorful doorstop and I wish you a lovely Sunday