September 30, 2013

A Teddy for baby Gio'

A few weeks ago I found myself looking into boxes and drawers as I had to get all my things away for my old flat to be rented out ... it was quite nostalgic and happy at the same time as I found letters, love ones, those with funny jokes, quotes and drawings and them.....I came face to face with teddy...ohhhhh, my lovely friend since I was born!! One of those trips back in time... I hugged him and I started thinking... lovely niece still doesn't have her teddy!!!...Ohhhhh....Well, it must be time to put myself at work!!

My sister had given me as a present an Amigurumi course
from Craftsy (Amigurumi-Woodland-Animals)... and I did remember that it included a bear. Therefore, changing just a few things.. I made her this teddy bear!!!!

My niece seemed quite impressed when I gave it to her...hopefully positively..but we still don't know as she's too young to speak....good news she didn't cry at the sight of it

I believe the strong color of the scarf was attracting most of her attention...and then obviously the ears... I hope I've made them strong enough as that's where teddy is carried around from ...ihihhi

Hope you like it!


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