August 28, 2013

Baby owl hat.... matching with the booties

Good evening London!!!

My evening couldn't be happier at the moment!!! My husband is back in town from New York...and for good!!!

Despite this.... between one thing and another, I managed to get myself back in track on my crochet projects!!! I realized I still had quite a bit of the yarns I had used for my my niece's baby why not make something that could match with them???

My sister loved this pattern from swellamy...and it seemed to be time to DO IT!!!

And....step by step....I think I made it!!! Here it is!!!

A very cute owl hat for a baby girl.....matching the booties with lovely colors and getting her ready to fight the Milan winter :)))

..not so sure how much babies love wearing hats ...but I just couldn't resist to this pattern...I found it pretty amazing!!!

Hope you guys love it too!!!

Night to you all,

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