April 26, 2014

Baby boy crochet sneakers and football amigurumi toy

Here I am, back on completing the baby projects for the american side of my family!!

After taking care of the baby girl present with baby ballerina and a matching bunny amigurumi I had to think of a cool present idea for the baby boy from the other side of the family...

...I had some tips from my mother-in-law, who told me that the parents of the baby are big football fans and the main color of the college they both went to is maroon...

So I started looking around, until I found this lovely pattern from Cathyren on Esty, which you can find at the following link!

I simply loved it and thought it was perfect for my gift idea!

So I bought some maroon rowan cotton yarn and started following the pattern!

The pattern has an unusual way of working out the booties, but it is very easy to follow and I was quite happy with the results.

If you're thinking of a baby boy present idea, I think this could be a cute set to start from!

Hope you like them!


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