August 14, 2013 beautiful when somehow they recall the eyes of the person wearing them....

Here I am ....back on the blog!!

I thought I wouldn't have been a real crochet lover until I had realized at least one hand-made scarf!!

Therefore, coming to the project I would like to share with yall you could have guessed we're talking about a scarf!! all of my crochet projects realized until now, it was a present! I think it might be that I get additional motivation when crocheting for someone else... knowing that I am giving them something I made with my own hands and all my love makes me really HAPPY!!  

I've always found it amazing when a scarf's color somehow recalls a person' it makes them shine even more!! Thus, when picking the color for my sweet mother-in-law present, I thought it had to be blue like her eyes....

The pattern used was sourced from my first crochet book "Cute & Easy Crochet" by Nicki Trench, from which I had sourced the baby booties pattern. The difficulty level of this swishy scarf is "improver", the same as for the booties. However, as the pattern is in a way repeated along the whole length of the scarf, I personally found it slightly easier to realize.

I hope you like it and I wish you a happy and creative afternoon!
Ciao Rory

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