November 23, 2013

Let's Crochet for Charity

This weekend I thought I would do something good by crocheting, hopefully giving a little help to less fortunates putting together yarns, hook and my hands....

I looked on the internet for charities that need help from crocheters and knitters and I run into Kofia, a charity which, as the website says, is "asking people to make baby hats for a remote community in Berega, Tanzania. A simple act which will save the lives of malnourished and premature babies - just by keeping them warm."

I thought it was a lovely idea....and I thought that by spreading the word among my crocheter friends we could really make a positive difference and help these babies.

Here is the baby warm hat I made today.

I started from the pattern of Adventures in Crochet, added a couple more rounds of dc and decided to add a pom pom with a some green to make it more colorful.

I hope you like the idea and join with some crochet hats to help babies in Tanzania.

Wishing you a lovely weekend

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