November 05, 2013

Duck flannel or duck placemat?

This year for my birthday my friends made me a wonderful present...I guess it shows how much they know me!!! They got me some gorgeous yarns, some crochet ideas and a one year subscription to the Inside Crochet Monthly Magazine!!!! They couldn't have chosen better!!

Of course this will be a big incentive for me to find some cute ideas for presents for each one to thank them :)

But when I got the October magazine I saw something pretty cute and I couldn't resist!! My friends' presents will have to be slightly postponed.....

The Magazine is really great, as apart from giving you lots of crochet ideas, it does actually include several pattern instructions!!! Among them I found a pattern for a duck flannel designed by Helen Free.

The duck grew quite fast, as the pattern suggests the use of a thick cotton yarn and I worked it with a 5.5mm hook.

However, once realized it, the more I was looking at it, the more I was thinking it could be a nice idea for a kitchen placemat for I think it could catch their attention and hopefully make them enjoy their meal time even more!!!!!

My husband is suggesting me to keep the duck for the bathroom and make a long blue stripe with a waving shape as bathmat.... I think it could work..

...though to be honest I still haven't kept any of my crochet work for myself and I am a bit more tempted to make a cute eye to the duck, add a bit more color and give it to my niece.... hhhmmmm..decisions, decisions.....hmmmm...

What would you suggest?

Wish you all a happy day

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