May 25, 2014

Crochet Wall Storage Pockets

It is incredible among Pinterest and crochet magazines how much creativity and ideas you can find for your crochet projects…with the tiny danger of ending up having yourself and your place covered in crochet… which I personally don't see it as a bad thing (not sure about my hubby, but better not ask ;) )….so I feel pretty justified for my last project!!!

I had decided I wanted to realize something for my house….and, after flipping around on Pinterest for a while, I thought that a nice crochet wall storage would have been the perfect project to get me involved!

Regarding the pattern, feeling pretty lucky to get "Inside Crochet" delivered home, I found a lovely crochet tidy pattern designed by Ali Campbell in the issue 51...and I felt like going for it!!

The main stitch used is very basic and simple, which made this the perfect project to work on rainy days while watching a movie or my addictive tv series….as it takes a bit longer to realize but being the stitch quite simple it does not require your full attention!   

I am quite happy with the outcome, though I am thinking of possibly playing with some fabric on the pockets..or would that make it too crowded?..not too sure for the moment...what would be your suggestion?

Wish you all a lovely weekend!

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