May 04, 2014

Crochet Hearths…..bag accessories?

Until September 2013, when I moved in with my hubby, I used to share a lovely old Georgian house in London with my adorable flatmate / best friend Amy!

She basically saw me playing with crochet since my first moments and she's always been very supporting as well as very excited and proud of my outputs!

Last month I was showing her the bunny amigurumi I had realized and she asked me "when you have some free time….you know I love small things, would you do something for me?"

So I looked around for ideas and I found several tutorials for crochet hearths…In particular I used the tutorial from the blog of amiamore to make a tiny red hearth, and the tutorial from freshstitches for a medium size green hearth!

Both tutorial were really easy to follow and quick to realize, and the fresh stitches free download has three different sizes you can play with, according to what you'd like to use your crochet hearth for!

I had fun making them and I can't wait to give them to Amy!!! I hope she's gonna like them and maybe use them as accessories for bags? (I think I personally like them on bags ;) )


I hope I inspired you with quick ideas for small presents for the ones you love!

Wishing you a Happy Sunday


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