October 26, 2013

My first crochet earrings...for my soulmate Miky!

A special occasion coming and I needed to come up with something special for it...my best friend Miky turning 30 this year!!!!

With my group of friends we bought her a lovely present but I felt I really wanted to give her something handmade following my growing passion for crochet...

As Miky always wears earrings, typically quite big ones as they suit her style so well, I thought I could try and put myself into crocheting my first pair of earrings!!

I didn't have a pattern to follow and I had very little time...I had bought some plain plastic rings this summer and I decided to start crocheting around them and use some wood stones at the end which could match with the green yarn I was using.... at the end, as suggested on most websites I used some fabric stiffener to make them stiffer!

And here is the result!!!

When I gave them to Miky at her birthday party she put them on...and it made me really happy...they were going so well with what she was wearing that night and with her red lipstick...pretty stylish!

I hope you guys like them and if you have any comments on how could I improve them please leave me a comment!!

Ps: I thought I would share with you that yesterday the Baby Converse I had made for Joaquim finally reached him!!!

Happy weekend everyone!


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