October 11, 2013

Hat & Booties Crochet Set for a baby on the way

My adorable colleague, Danielle, is waiting for her second baby!!!

She has always supported me in my crochet passion, following step by step all the projects I have been working on... therefore, I thought a crochet present for her baby shower was due!

I found this pattern on Knot Your Nanas Crochet blog and I loved the idea of giving her a full set with hat and baby booties.

As many people here in London, Danielle has decided not to know in advance the sex of the baby in order to receive a beautiful surprise directly on the day of birth!  

So.... I decided to use a neutral color ...and I thought beige could do!

I found the pattern great and easy to follow and I would definitely suggest you to try it!
I simply love the ears on top of the hat!!!

Wishing you a lovely day!