March 04, 2014

Warm Cozy Cowl

It was my first adventure with a pretty thick yarn!!!

My girlfriends had given me a present with a few yarns in september, saying that this specific one would have been perfect for a cowl...
... I guess I just wasn't too sure about the thickness...

But then I wanted to give it a go.... it was a lovely present and hopefully I would make something nice out of it. The yarn had to be worked with a 15mm I looked online for a free pattern using that same hook, but I couldn't find it. What to do? I decided to make my own in a very easy way.... with just three rows of dc...

And here it first cozy cowl!!

For the buttons, I ordered them online on Ligamentum , an etsy shop which I found incredibly amazing....several handmade wooden buttons to be used for any kind of craft projects!  

I would love to hear if you like the cowl and I would be pleased to listen to different suggestions and ideas of what you would have made out of such a thick yarn!! 

In the meanwhile, I guess I will wear my warm cowl soon to thank my girlfriends!

Wishing you a lovely day 

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